The ONeill Irish family visiting Lucoli for the forth time since 2007.

by Amministratore
Over the past 3 days my husband and I have been visiting Lucoli Village, in Abruzzo, for the forth time since we first visited with a group of Irish friends in 2007. We have wanted to bring our children to this Village to show them the beauty and hospitality of this region since that first visit, when we had such a magical time. As I walked through the lower Village it is had to describe the feeling of sadness and loss for a beautiful village that is now uninhabitable. As I stop at each water font for my 2 year old grandson to delight in the water, I think of all the people who lived in this Village and visited these fonts as part of their daily lives. The piazzas are empty, where there should be sounds coming from all the houses. I don’t know what the future holds for this village.
We visited the memorial garden nearby where 309 native heritage varieties of fruit trees are planted, in memory of each victim of the 2009 earthquake which devasted the region. The surrounding view from this site is magnificent and so typical of the area.  We also visited the community health clinic nearby, which was completed in 2011. A fundraiser held in Galway City, and supported by so many Galway musicians made a financial contribution to the Lucoli Mayor for this clinic and this is noted by a beautiful plaque at the door along with the list of other contributors.
Irish friends in Galway send best wishes to the inhabitants of Lucoli for the future. 
My extended family have had a wonderful few days here and we hope to return again soon. 
Sean and Karen ONeill, Ardrahan, County Galway, Ireland.

The license plate of the Medical Center who remember the names of all those who have contributed twith heir solidarity

Karen and Sean ONeill
Sean ONeill on a visit to the Garden of Remembrance of Lucoli reminiscent of the 309 victims 
of the Abruzzo earthquake.

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